Technical Information


Dangerous goods transport vehicles


Segursinal launches a help guide and additional information to identify the hazard characteristics of dangerous goods transportation vehicles by class and on the measures to be taken in the light of prevailing circumstances.

CE Sign


The CE Sign is the demonstration that the product is in conformity with the provisions and requirements of the applicable community directives transposed into the national legal framework and has undergone the required conformity procedures.
It is a sign aimed primarily at the authorities. It is not a commercial quality sign and it is not Applicable to the Photoluminescent Safety Signaling.

Technical Regulation on Fire Safety in Buildings


Segursinal launches a help guide for the correct signaling according to the Technical Regulation of Fire Safety in Buildings (RTSCIE) - Ordinance 1532/2008.
In order to increasingly meet the needs of our customers Segursinal offers an important tool, so that in case of doubt in the application of signaling, you can be clarified and therefore signal correctly.
You will find in this guide a constituent part of Ordinance 1532/2008 of December 29, where you can clarify any doubt for the correct application of the signaling.
We hope that with this guide, the correct installation of signaling shines with safety.