National laws and regulations / General scope

Ordinance No. 1532/2008 of December 29
Approves the Technical Regulation of Fire Safety in Buildings (SCIE).
Regulates the use of safety signs, namely:
> Materials ("rigid photoluminescent material").
> Dimensions and formats.
> Installation and types of signal attachment (depending on location).
> Adequacy of signs for different uses and types of risk of buildings.”

Decree-Law No. 220/2008 of November 12
Establishes the Legal Framework for Building Fire Safety (SCIE).”

Ordinance No. 1456-A / 95 of December 11
Regulates and defines the characteristics of safety signs according to Directive 92/58 /CEE (some pictograms, materials, shapes and colors).

Decree-Law No. 141/95 of June 14
Transposes to the Portuguese legal order the Directive 92/58/CEE.
Amended accordingly by Act No. 113/99 of August 3.

Law nº 102/2009 of November 14
Regulates the legal framework for promotion and prevention of safety and health at work, applying to all branches of activity.
Defines the emergency plan as a complement to safety signs.
Defines places of fixation, symbology and caption to use.
Defines some pictograms for security signs.
Defines colors and signals for the identification of pipes.
Enclosures of public spectacles and amusement
Aquatic playgrounds and pools
Temporary or mobile shipyards
Road tunnels
International Standards